Check Out My New Youtube Podcast!

Guess What!? I have a new podcast coming out every Friday called Four Foot Friday! If you want to go check it out, click on the link below!

Four Foot Nuttin YT

Today on the podcast I talked about free agent signings such as Hayward and even smaller signings such as Omri Cassipi. I talked about summer league standouts as well! I think everyone will enjoy the podcast and if you only want to listen to a few parts of it, timestamps will be in the description of the youtube podcast. Thank you everyone for the massive support!

Anyways, I think this is a good time to talk about my blogging schedule. As it is Summer and I have time to blog, I will be able to put posts out every day if not every other day. Weeks will probably consist of 5 days of posts however I will never miss 2 days in a row. I will probably not be posting on Friday because I will be podcasting. If those doesn’t make much sense, here is what a typical week might look like:

Monday: Post

Tuesday: Post

Wednesday: No Post

Thursday: Post

Friday: Podcasting

Saturday: Post

Sunday: Post

*Doesn’t mean Wednesday always is going to have no post. Sometimes it might be Tuesday, sometimes Monday, and sometimes Thursday.



When the school year does start, I will post a new schedule for everyone to view! Make sure to follow me on this blog for recent NBA news! Have a great Four Foot Friday and I will see you in my next blogpost!




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