Why Markelle Fultz is Going to be Great for the 76ers

The Boston Celtics will be trading the 1st overall pick to the 76ers for the 3rd overall pick and the 2018 76ers 1st Round Pick. Markelle Fultz is likely to go #1 overall in this years draft, which would be a perfect fit for the 76ers. Many people do not like the idea of Fultz going #1 in the draft because his team the Washington Huskies went 2-16 in Conference Play and 9-22 as their total record. College players are not NBA players. Fultz has not had a chance to play the best of the best. If he is drafted #1 he will be playing with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, 2 very young talented players. To prove his talent, we can dive into some of his games. The season opener was against Yale, where Washington lost 98-90. As you know in a season opener you may not perform well in a season opener because of the difference in atmosphere in a high school and college game. Fultz scored 30 points that game proving that he could easily deal with that pressure. Not only that, he shot .647% from the field and his 3-point percentage was .400%. He proved his athleticism in that game, grabbing 7 boards. To add to this, Fultz only got 3 Turnovers in the 36 minutes he played. Lets go to another game against Washington State. In this game Washington lost 79-74. However Fultz had 26 out of the teams 74 points, also contributing 11 assists. To add to this, he got 9 rebounds, one short of a triple double. Fultz actually got 2 blocks in that game. Lets go to a game against Lonzo Ball and the UCLA Bruins. UCLA has 3 players that may be selected in this years NBA draft. Washington only has 1 player going in the 1st round. Therefore, Lonzo should be playing better the Fultz, right? That isn’t the case as Fultz got the same amount of assists Lonzo got while also scoring 25 of the teams 66 points. Yes, I said that correctly. Lonzo Ball only got 22 points. Who knows, maybe if Fultz played for UCLA he might of got more then 10 points against Kentucky and made sure that Fox didn’t get 39 points. In total, Fultz averaged 23.2 points in college while assisting 6 times a game and grabbing 6 boards a game. Plus, in 20 games he blocked someone. That means 80% of the games he played he rejected someone. In total this really shows how good Fultz can be for the 76ers.


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