D’Angelo Russell Traded to Nets for Brook Lopez! What Does This Mean for The Nets And the Lakers?

In a salary dump move, the Lakers have traded D’Angelo Russell and Timofev Mozgov and to the Nets for Brook Lopez and the 27th Pick in the NBA draft. What does this mean for the Nets and the Lakers?



The Brooklyn Nets are finding a way out of their hole with this trade. I still think that Jeremy Lin should be in the starting lineup. Russell and Lin can both play the shooting guard position, however Lin really showed he could play shooting guard when Kemba Walker was the starting point guard in Charlotte. So I could see Russell playing the 1 and Lin playing the 2. This is great for the Nets as they finally have some what of a back court. Not only that but the fact that because of them having a lack of picks, Russell is a very young player. He can develop into something. The thing is with the Nets is that if this trade doesn’t work then it is ok because they are still in their hole if they didn’t make the trade.



This is a big hint for the Lakers when it comes to drafting a player. Not only are they doing a salary dump but they are making room for Lonzo Ball!!!!! Russell was their starting point guard and therefore Ball would be coming off the bench. It was either trading Russell or trading Jordan Clarkson. Because Russell has more trade value, in order to dump Mozgov they have to trade Russell instead of Clarkson.

Not only is this good for the Lakers, it is great for Brook Lopez. He finally can play for a team that may contend. At the age of 29 his career was not getting enough worth. He is in his prime of his career and he is tanking with a team, not helping a playoff team.


So in total this is great for both teams! Both teams can walk away from this trade feeling good!






Pictures from ESPN.com

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