NBA Playoffs 2019 Predictions

The playoffs are just about to commence, but its not to late to do predictions! With that in mind, here is my predictions on who will come out of the first round, and who will end up winning the playoffs! Here are my predictions for the 2019 playoffs!



The Clippers have historically low odds to win the series, and I don’t even see them winning a game. They played well the first half of the season but realized they couldn’t contend for a ring, so they kind of 1/2 blew it up, trading Tobias Harris away. I think if the Warriors don’t sweep then the Clippers have already done a lot.


This series is a battle of guards, where you have Harden vs Mitchell. Harden has the experience and has played a better season then Mitchell. In a few years, we will probably be saying Mitchell is the better player but looking at it right now I see Harden dominating this series, which is the reason they win 4-2. I would however love to see Utah win this series, as they are underdogs but not that big of underdogs, and do have a chance at pulling it out.


Portland last year did terrible against the Pelicans in the playoffs, and if they are beating you by that much the Thunder will punish you even more. The Blazers have had the same identity for years, and they need to change things up. Otherwise, I think they keep losing in the first round. This would be a mini upset, but right now I would argue the Thunder are playing better than the Blazers, and of course they play a lot better in the playoffs.


San Antonio is good but they are not great. Denver has had a spectacular few rebuilding seasons, and this is where they show what they can do. I think the Nuggets easily win the series, but coach Pop might take one game from the Nuggets.


Once again another easy series to predict in my opinion, I don’t think Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond can stop a team led by what looks to be the MVP in Giannis Antetokounmpo. Milwaukee should be able to pull this one out in a sweep.


This series is the only first round series I predicted to go to 7 games. Boston have had a good season but no where near the season they were supposed to have. On the other hand you have an Indiana team who were not supposed to be good but ended up playing really well, even after the Dipo injury. On paper Boston look better, but if Indiana have more want they will win the series and that is why this in my opinion will go to 7 games. Ultimately, Boston have home court advantage and that is why I think they will edge it out in the 7th game.


I would love for Brooklyn to take this to 7, but to be honest I don’t see it happening. Philly have looked worse toward the end of the season and Brooklyn have been such a fun team to watch but at the end of the day, Simmons, Butler, Harris, and other sixers are better then DLoading and the rest of the Nets.


I think Orlando will surprisingly win a game, due to their end of season form. This will probably be the last season of Orlando in the playoffs, as they will probably lose out Vucevic in Free Agency. I see Orlando winning 1 game, maybe even Game 1, but losing the rest.


Round 2


In this series you have one of the best players in the NBA vs one of the best teams in the NBA. Basketball is a team sport, and having 5 all stars is in my opinion more important then having 1 MVP caliber type player. Houston should win 2 games or maybe even 3 because they have a nicely built roster revolving around Harden, but I do think Golden State is just the better team.


This will be another very close series, and for Denver to lose would be a shock. I just feel Paul George has the experience and he has played probably the best season of his career, and matching that with Mr. Triple Double himself Westbrook could and I think will end Denver’s run. Denver has a young team, with not that much experience compared to the Thunder. Therefore I believe OKC take this one in 7 games, and go to face Golden State in the Conference Finals!


Boston barely beat the Pacers, and honestly I think the Bucks could sweep the Pacers. I just don’t think the Celtics have played that well this season, and I guess it just isn’t their year. Therefore Milwaukee heads to the Conference Finals in a relatively easy series.


Again just like Boston, Philly have not been great. They have a low chance of getting to the conference finals, and it will be very tough. Toronto is a great team, and Kawhi Leonard is a fantastic player. Therefore I may be underestimating the Sixers but last year I overestimated them and have learnt from my mistake. Even though their roster has improved, the additions of Kawhi, Gasol, and Siakam’s major improvement, I think the Raptors win the series and head on to Milwaukee.


Conference Finals


The Thunder already did a lot to make it to here, and I think this is where the run ends. The Warriors are just too good of a team. The Warriors in my opinion win in 5 games, in a very easy series for them unless someone like PG or Westbrook turn into Michael Jordan.


If this happens, it is hands down the best series of the playoffs. These are two teams that have played each other 4 times this season, where Milwaukee has won 3 of the 4 however in one of their wins both Giannis and Kawhi were sitting out. With both teams going 100%, I give this to Milwaukee but honestly I wasn’t sure, and it was really tough to pick my winner of this series. Milwaukee do have home court advantage, and they have been terrific at home, losing only 8 games at home. Therefore, I have decided to pick Milwaukee to face the Warriors, but if Toronto makes it I would not be surprised.




I think I am being nice to Milwaukee, and I am letting them go 7 games against the Warriors. The past two years I didn’t predict the Warriors to win, and I am not making that mistake again. The Warriors are also better this year, because they added Cousins. Even though Giannis is probably the MVP, I don’t see how they can beat the Warriors. George Hill has had a good run to the end of the season, but I really really doubt Hill is the answer to stopping the Warriors. I think Giannis will get some games on them, but can they win a ring? In my opinion no, and the Warriors win yet another one.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 3.37.57 PM.png

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy watching the playoffs!



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