Free Agency Predictions 2019 Players 50-70

Free Agency is pretty far away, but it is one of the most important times for a players future. Here are my predictions for where the Top 70 Free Agents will end up, the decision for who is in the top 70 players I took from We start with numbers 50 through 70!

#70: Allen Crabbe – Player Option – Brooklyn Nets

Allen Crabbe is not going to decline his near 20 million player option. As a pretty good shooter, Crabbe can provide some impact scoring off the bench.


#69: Robin Lopez – Unrestricted Free Agent – Golden State Warriors

Robin Lopez has been linked with the Warriors in a buyout, which was never agreed to. The Warriors will need a good backup center next year, and Lopez can do the trick, especially if they end up losing Draymond Green and DeMarcus Cousins, who are Free Agents this summer.


#68: Jeremy Lin – Unrestricted Free Agent – Toronto Raptors

There is no reason for Lin to leave the Raptors, and right now he is playing decent for the team. Worse case scenario Lin doesn’t end up on any NBA roster, but I think he is a good backup option for any team, whether that is playing for the Jazz, Lakers, Knicks, Raptors, or really any other NBA team.


#67: Jeff Green – Unrestricted Free Agent – Washington Wizards

Jeff Green has had some up and down games for the Wizards. I think they can use him in the future, and therefore he resigns.


#66 – Emmanuel Mudiay – Restricted Free Agent – Orlando Magic

The Knicks are in an interesting situation, if they give him a qualifying offer that is about 10 million, which would mean they don’t get a max player. If they wait for him to get an offer to try and match, it may be up to 10-15 million. Orlando is in a situation where they need a point guard, and Mudiay is having a good season in the NBA. Orlando can throw him that 10 million, which the Knicks won’t match. Now if the Magic throw him around 5m, the Knicks can match and get him back. There are many variables in Mudiay’s free agency, which is why for now I have him down going to Orlando but I really don’t know where he will end up. His agent BJ Armstrong has achieved getting Bismack Biyombo a big 17 million contract, so can he do the same for Mudiay? Questions like that is why I am excited for Free Agency.


#65: JaVale McGee – Unrestricted Free Agent – Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers should be able to keep JaVale McGee on their team. He has been a great fit with LeBron, and I believe he will continue to play on the Lakers, unless he for some reason gets a bigger offer on another team.


#64: TJ McConnell – Unrestricted Free Agent – Phoenix Suns

Now to be honest, I like TJ McConnell as a player but I do not think he is better than Jeremy Lin and Emmanuel Mudiay. Nevertheless, I think he is a good fit for the Suns. Agent Chris Emens has found how to give Ryan Anderson, Solomon Hill, and Jordan Clarkson big contracts. According to Philadelphia Inquirer, “There will be a market for the fourth-year veteran. Teams have already approached the Sixers about acquiring him in a trade. The Phoenix Suns did that in recent weeks, according to several sources. The Suns offered a second-round pick, and the Sixers declined.” This shows how teams are interesting in signing him, such as the Suns. The 76ers will not have as much money as a team such as the Suns. Therefore, McConnell could see himself earning as much as 5 million to 10 million, if Free Agency works out.


#63: Kenneth Faried – Unrestricted Free Agent – Houston Rockets

Kenneth Faried has been insane for the Rockets. He is a perfect fit for the team, and I don’t see a reason for him to go to a different team. With his age growing, he really does have a chance to win a ring with this team, with an MVP Harden. Unless he gets a giant deal from a team, he has earned plenty throughout his career and has to start ring chasing. Houston is perfect to do so.


#62: Rodney Hood – Unrestricted Free Agent – Portland Trail Blazers

Hood is a good fit for Portland, especially coming off the bench. Just like other players, unless he gets thrown a large contract, he should be staying with the Blazers.


#61: Austin Rivers – Unrestricted Free Agent – Houston Rockets

Austin Rivers is very inconsistent. However, he is a good backup for Houston and he should resign with the team. He told Marc Spears, “It’s the happiest I’ve been in my career…We’re all here to do our part…It’s a great situation. I’m very, very, very happy right now.” Rivers is content and the Rockets should throw him a contract.


#60: Bobby Portis – Restricted Free Agent – Washington Wizards

Bobby Portis told TMZ, ““You know, getting blindsided. But, I’m just happy to be with a team now that really wants me. I can’t wait to get back started.” He talks about how he was on Chicago, and how he really did like it there. However they almost stabbed him in the back. With Washington, he feels they support him and therefore I believe he will stay. Being restricted will probably actually help Portis, because a team might come in with a large contract and I believe Washington will match it. He is happy in Washington, and may be getting a good amount of money which makes for an ideal situation.


#59: Thomas Bryant – Restricted Free Agent – Washington Wizards

Thomas Bryant has had some stellar performances, which shows glimpses of what he can possibly become. Once again, I don’t see him leaving as Washington as he is pretty much the future of Washington at the center position.


#58: Jabari Parker – Team Option – Washington Wizards

Jabari Parker has a team option with the Wizards. But is he worth 20 million? In my opinion, I don’t think so. I still think the Wizards accept the team option, because he has potential and the Wizards need to take a risk like this. If they decline the option, he probably signs with a team such as the Knicks or the Kings in Free Agency. Again, I don’t think he is worth 20 million but at the same time, the Wizards don’t have many options. If they decline it, he becomes an unrestricted Free Agent.


#57: Tyreke Evans – Unrestricted Free Agent – Memphis Grizzlies

Honestly, Tyreke Evans played his best basketball since his rookie season in Memphis, so I think it would be wise of him to go back there! Yes, this is probably not going to happen. But if it does, we may see another 20 PPG season for Evans, which us NBA fans would love to see!


#56: Ed Davis – Unrestricted Free Agent – Brooklyn Nets

Ed Davis is a fantastic teammate, and is also a very under rated NBA player. Ed Davis stated, “Obviously I want to be back. I said that so hopefully it works out in the summer. But my main focus is just try to help this team and make the playoffs. Good things happen when you win and you make the playoffs — that’s just my mindset. And if we do that, everything works out.” Ed Davis should return to Brooklyn.


#55: Markieff Morris – Unrestricted Free Agent – Houston Rockets

I know, once again it probably won’t happen. However. Markieff Morris on the Rockets is pretty insane to imagine. Morris hasn’t been that great on the Thunder, but I can’t really use that argument as he has played just 5 games. Markieff Morris would fit the Rockets system perfectly, being a stretch 4 in a team that shoots. To add to this, he would have a blast alongside all the 3-point shooters that the Rockets have. This is a move that us unlikely for Morris, but if it happens it would be one of the best under the radar free agency signings.


#54: Kent Bazemore – Player Option – Atlanta Hawks

A similar situation to Allen Crabbe, there is no way Bazemore declines his player option. He has played decent for several seasons for Atlanta, yet this isn’t enough for him to receive over 18 million, which is what his player option would pay. Even though he probably wishes out of Atlanta, he can wait another season for that. It is pretty safe to say Bazemore returns to Atlanta, accepting his player option.


#53: Reggie Bullock – Unrestricted Free Agent – New Orleans Pelicans

Again, this is another one of the shot in the dark predictions. The Pelicans will have about 18 million in cap this offseason, which of course depends on what happens with their Free Agents such as Julius Randle. Randle will probably decline his 9 million player option, knowing he can get 20 million. Depending on cap and depending on if Anthony Davis is traded, they may have about 10 million they can throw at Reggie Bullock. Bullock is a perfect player for the Pelicans, as he is the shooter they have wanted for such a long time. If they manage to get Bullock, it is one hole, one problem with the team they have managed to fix.


#52: Jeremy Lamb – Unrestricted Free Agent – Charlotte Hornets

Lamb has played a great season so far for Charlotte, as he is averaging just over 15 points a game. There is no reason for Lamb to leave as Charlotte will probably give him a decent contract, at about 10 million over probably 2 or 3 seasons. Lamb is having a career year, which is perfect for the year in which his contract expires.


#51: Marvin Williams – Player Option – Charlotte Hornets

This is another situation where Marvin Williams just won’t earn over 14 million, and therefore he should be accepting his player option.


#50: Elfrid Payton – Unrestricted Free Agent – New Orleans Pelicans

You may be surprised to hear Payton has earned under 4 million in his career. With the Pelicans, he has played probably his best basketball and will probably be payed about 5 million. I do think he will resign with the Pelicans.
That’s it for Free Agents 50-70, and I will see you next time for Free Agents 30-49!



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