NBA Burning Questions Part 18

Part 18, here we come! Let’s get right into it!


66. Dream Blog Guest This Season? – Anyone

I decided to modify this question, as the Starters made question 66 dream guest on the show this season. The only guest I had on the blog was an interview with fellow blogger 4th Quarter. So kind of as an advertisement if anyone wants to share their views on basketball topics then feel free to email me at


67. Are the Wolves finally a lock to make the playoffs? – No

Remember last year when we said the Wolves were a lock to make the playoffs? Well look what happened there. I know they have Jimmy Butler, but because of this it creates chemistry concerns. Plus, without Rubio they don’t have a playmaker on the team. Wiggins, Butler, and Towns are great at scoring, but they can’t create for their teammate. Teague is pretty good at passing, however I’m not sure if he can step down from a pretty high scoring PG in Indiana to a complete passing PG in Minnesota. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wolves got the 9th seed missing out on the playoffs with a winning record.


68. Is this the year the Spurs finally fall off? – No

The Spurs are always surprising, we think they might get the 6th seed and fall out of competition, and then they prove us wrong. Tim Duncan left the team, and the next year(16-17) they had a 61 win season. Kawhi Leonard is an MVP candidate, Dejounte Murray will have a breakout season, and Rudy Gay is a signing that will bring even more energy off the bench. The Spurs will have at least a 58 win season, claiming the 3rd seed or higher in the West.


69. Should Brad Stevens be favored to win Coach of the Year? – Yes

Brad Stevens has a different team now, a team with Kyrie Irving. We know Kyrie Irving as the guy who wants to take over this year. After being Lebron’s “sidekick”, he wants his own team. Hayward went down in the 1st game, meaning it is his team. If Brad Stevens make sure that 60% of the touches goes to Irving, he will win coach of the year. With the Rockets ruled out because a coach never usually wins it twice and the Warriors because if Kerr voting is correct he would win it every year, Stevens is the next guy. I do believe he is favored to win Coach of the Year.


70. Will the Grizzlies miss the playoffs for the 1st time since 2010? – Yes

I think that the Grizzlies are a good team, but their players are just aging too much. Marc Gasol is losing his years in his NBA career at the age of 32, and therefore is just getting older and older. Parsons is off an injury, as well as losing quality layers such as Carter and Randolph in the offseason. Zach Randolph was a great player for the Grizzlies, and now they don’t have that same physical power forward. Their bench hasn’t been good for many years either. All in all, the Grizzlies have gotten worse.



Thanks for reading and have an amazing day!




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