Boston Celtics 18-19 Season Preview

With the Atlanta Hawks preview complete, we now look at the Boston Celtics and their super team lineup. I will predict the starting lineup, their record and the biggest question mark on the roster.


Boston Celtics Lineup:

PG: Kyrie Irving

SG: Jaylen Brown

F: Gordon Hayward

F: Jayson Tatum

C: Al Horford

Sixth Man: Terry Rozier


Biggest Question Mark: Team Chemistry

With Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier, Marcus Morris, and Aron Baynes coming off the bench, chemistry could become an issue. Rozier can get starting minutes on more then 20 NBA teams. Will he demand a trade half way through the season, and at the end of the season could he end up leaving in FA? Will the Celtics decide to play it safe and trade him, so that they don’t have to risk him leaving in FA? Even Tatum and Brown will be playing less minutes, because of their depth. Some games Brown might not be starting, which could also unsettle him. If chemistry becomes an issue, they will have a hard time winning a chip. Already Marcus Smart and Aron Baynes have gotten in fights against the Cavaliers. If chemistry isn’t an issue, I see them easily making the Finals and maybe even winning the whole thing.


Projected Record: 63-19

The Celtics are going to be a deadly team, and I see them easily winning 60+ games. The question is, how successful can they be in the playoffs? The team has a great issue in almost having too much depth. If they work it out, I seriously believe they can win a ring.

That will do it for today’s post on the Boston Celtics. I hope you enjoyed!




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