Atlanta Hawks 18-19 Season Preview

The NBA season kicks off in just about a month and a half, and because of that I want to predict every NBA teams lineup, record, and which player is their biggest question mark. I go through every game on the NBA schedule, predicting the results of each one. We start with the Hawks, and will go through until we get to the Wizards!


Atlanta Hawks Lineup:

G: Jeremy Lin

G: Trae Young

SF: Kent Bazemore

PF: Taueran Prince

C: John Collins

6th Man: Dewayne Dedmon


Biggest Question Mark: Jeremy Lin

The Hawks are full of question marks, whether it is Trae Young, Kevin Huerter, or Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin has had an excellent career, averaging 12 PPG and even 4.5 APG. With the Knicks, he averaged 14.6 PPG and 6.2 APG, while with a team such as the Nets he averaged 14.6 PPG and 5.1 APG. Those numbers are pretty good, however he is coming off an injury. In fact, he only played one game last year because of his injury. Lin is coming into a new system, where there is no star, and his only competition at the guard position is Trae Young. Lin has a chance to prove everyone wrong, and he has the chance to bring back Linsanity. The question is, can he do it?


Projected Record: 15-67

I think the Hawks will have a pretty awful season. They lost Dennis Schroder in a trade for Carmelo Anthony, who they waived a few days later. If Jeremy Lin can have a bounce back year of of his injury, I might see the Hawks winning a little more games. Also to note they have a new head coach in Lloyd Pierce, who is replacing Mike Budenholzer. Budenholzer was a fantastic coach, and I believe that he is a top 5 coach in the NBA. Lloyd Pierce is inexperienced, and has never been a NBA head coach in his career. Because of all these factors, I don’t believe they can win over 20 games.


That is the first season preview post, and there will be plenty more after this one. I hope you did enjoy this season preview!

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