NBA Important Dates This Offseason

The 2017-18 NBA season is complete, as the Golden State Warriors win yet another championship to make it three in four years. Now NBA fans look forward to the offseason, as each team strives to make their team better. Here are the top dates this offseason to look forward to.


June 21 – The NBA Draft

This is the first important date as sixty players get drafted to NBA rosters. This is a way for NBA teams to help their rosters get younger, or in general get better for the future. This is a time where we get to see the future stars of the NBA.


June 25 – NBA Award Show

Just four days after the draft, we get to watch the NBA award show! We will see who wins the rookie of the year, sixth man of the year, most improved player and of course the most valuable player. We also get to see the NBA fan awards, which include the dunk of the year, the block of the year, and even the NBA player with the best style.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 1.35.37 PM.png



July 1st – Free Agency

This is the first day that free agents can sign with NBA teams. This is where we see which teams can go from decent teams to championship contenders.


July 17th – NBA Summer League Finals

The NBA Summer League is a chance for players to show their skill set. It is a chance for undrafted players to prove themselves and possibly get a spot on an NBA roster. Kyle Kuzma was the Finals MVP last year, and he had an amazing 2017-18 season. It will be interesting to see who shines in the Summer League.


Those are my four important dates this offseason, yet there are many more. The day before the award show is the last day where players can decline/accept their player options so we will see if Lebron exercises his player option. If he doesn’t, the Cavaliers will not have the cap to re-sign him. There are also important dates such as the start of training camps, but that is more for the teams and less for fans. For casual NBA fans, these are the four dates you want to pay special attention to. I will be paying attention to every date this offseason because every day is a chance for moves to be made by GM’s. I hope we have an entertaining offseason full with trades, just like the 2017 offseason.


Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope you have an amazing day!


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