One on One Tournament March Madness Style – Big Men Region

We continue the one on one tournament with the big men. Let’s get right into it!1. Anthony Davis vs 16. Zach Randolph – (Davis Wins)

Anthony Davis clearly wins this matchup, Zach Randolph just is not the same player he once was. Anthony Davis blows Zach Randolph out in this game, with a possible final score of 11-0.


8. Marc Gasol vs 9. Pau Gasol – (Marc Gasol Wins)

Like Zach Randolph, Pau Gasol just isn’t the player he once was. Marc Gasol is putting up 17.4 PPG, as well as 8.3 RPG. He is also having a solid season when it comes to the defensive area of the court. Pau Gasol is 37 years old and is only putting up 10.4 PPG. His rebound numbers are not even as good as his brothers, as they are at 8.2 per game. Right now Marc Gasol is the better of the two, and he wins the matchup. Ten years ago, this matchup is won by Pau Gasol. But that is not the case in this tournament!


5. Blake Griffin vs 12. Brook Lopez – (Griffin Wins)

Brook Lopez must be awful when it comes to one on ones. I don’t see how he can stay with Blake Griffin on defense. This is what the play by play would look like.

“Brook Lopez checks the ball. Oh my, what an amazing dunk by Griffin.”

“Griffin gets the ball again and immediately throws down a hammer.”

“And Griffin gets the ball one more time, and oh my, Griffin just broke Lopez’s ankles and then performed another dunk.”

I don’t see how Lopez can win this matchup, Griffin is just too athletic and Lopez cannot catch up.


4. Demarcus Cousins vs 13. Dwight Howard – (Cousins Wins)

Dwight Howard is not in his prime and even if he was this is not what he specializes at. Demarcus Cousins can bully Howard in the post, and score easy points. That is what Cousins rely’s on in every NBA game. If he had no post game, he wouldn’t be in the league. On the other hand, Dwight Howard is a defensive specialist. Defense doesn’t help you in these one on ones. If you do not have offense, you can’t win.


6. Kevin Love vs 11. Hassan Whiteside – (Love Wins)

Just like other games, this is an offense vs defense matchup. While I do think Whiteside is the better player, I don’t see him scoring 11 points before Love can. Love wins this game 11-5 because Whiteside is banking on his defense. Plus, Whiteside is very good at his inside defense. Love is good on the perimeter, which isn’t even Whiteside’s specialty. I see Love winning this matchup just based on how they play and how they matchup against each other.


3. LaMarcus Aldridge vs 14. Deandre Jordan – (Aldridge Wins)

For the third game in a row, I am stating the same points. The defense will not win you a one on one. The offense will win you the one on one. LaMarcus Aldridge will cruise to a victory because even if he misses 10 out of 15 shots, he can still win because Jordan will miss 13 out of 15.


7. Rudy Gobert vs 10. Andre Drummond – (Drummond Wins)

Drummond is very good when it comes to rebounds, with an average of 16 per game. The number of offensive boards he can grab is why he wins this matchup. Rudy Gobert is a good player, but not that good of a player. I would even argue that Enes Kanter is a better player than Rudy Gobert. I honestly think Gobert is a little overrated. Because of the better offense and the rebounding numbers, Drummond wins this matchup.


2. Joel Embiid vs 15. Jusuf Nurkic – (Embiid Wins)

When Embiid is healthy, he is one of the best centers if not the best in the league. And put it to you this way, Nurkic has got no change against Embiid. This tournament is suggesting that every player is healthy, so we are using Embiid when he is at his best. This season he has been on fire, and Nurkic has no chance of lighting him out.


Honestly, these picks were a lot easier then the guard selections. I had a clear winner in every single game unlike the guards, where I was debating between a few. Of course feel free to email me if you would like any information on why I made the selection that I made. Otherwise, have an amazing day!






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