NBA All-Star Skills Challenge Hall of Fame

We did it with the celebrity game, and we are doing it with all-star Saturday night. We start of with the 1st competition, the skills challenge. I will induct 3 players and will leave a twitter poll to induct the 4th and final inductee. Let’s get into the players I am going to induct!

My Picks: Dwyane Wade, Deron Williams, and Karl Anthony-Towns

Here are the explanations!

Dwyane Wade:

Dwyane Wade is tied with Steve Nash and Damian Lillard for the most wins in the skills challenge, with 2. However, one year Damian Lillard tied for 1st with Trey Burke, where they both got 45.2 seconds. So I was deciding between Nash and Wade. I decided to pick Wade over Nash because of the average times. Nash has an average time in the skills competition of 27.85 seconds, while Wade has an average time of 26.25 seconds. I was thinking, “if they went head to head who would win?” And because of the average time, I went with Wade. They also have both gone 2/3 so there is no key decider between them but the average time. Dwyane Wade had 2 awesome skills challenge times, and that is why he is starting off in the Hall of Fame for the skills challenge.

Deron Williams:

The man with the fastest time has to be in the Hall of Fame. In his win, he had an outstanding 25.5 seconds. And when I say his round was near flawless, I mean it was Near Flawless. He did not mess up with a shot or a pass once, and his dribble moves were on point. The only time he hesitated was when he didn’t think the pass would connect. Deron Williams holds the record for the fastest time, and that is why he is in my list.

Karl Anthony-Towns:

The first big guy to win this challenge, Karl Anthony-Towns had an amazing duel with Isaiah Thomas in the Finals. The NBA started to do a front court against backcourt duel in the skills challenge. The best big guy would face off in the Finals with the best backcourt player. And everyone was thinking beforehand, whoever wins the backcourt wins the whole thing. However, KAT proved everyone wrong, becoming the 1st big man to win the skills challenge. It all came down to a 3-point shot, which KAT knocked down before IT could. Towns is possibly starting a new era, the era of big guys that have the handles of the little guys. That is why he is the final addition to my hall of fame.


Followers Vote:

The last player is up to you. Make sure to go to my twitter,, to vote on not only this posts poll but any other poll that you have missed. Now I will tell you who you can vote for!

  • Steve Nash
  • Damian Lillard
  • Tony Parker
  • Kristaps Porzingis

Thank you for reading today’s blog post, and have an amazing day!

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