NBA Celebrity Game Hall of Famers – Kevin Hart and Jarius Robertson

Who were the best players all time from the celebrity game? Who deserves recognition for the dunk contest, the skills challenge, and the 3-point shootout? Who is the #1 all-star game performer? All those questions will be answered in a series of 5 blog posts. Let’s get right into the rules for the series.

For all the competitions, I am doing my pick and a fan vote. I get 2 votes, and everyone who contacts me through Twitter, my Gmail or a comment on this blog gets 2 votes.  I will also be posting a poll on Twitter when this blog post goes up, so I hope you look forward to that.

A question you might be thinking right now is, “So FourFootNuttin, why are you doing this?” For my blog, I want more input from people who view it. Therefore, I want to do something interactive. So that should sum it up for what this is about, and let’s get into our celebrities.


My Picks: Kevin Hart and Jarrius Robertson


Here are my explanations for why they are getting the induction!

Kevin Hart:

This man is not only a great actor/comedian, he is also a 4x celebrity all-star game MVP. If you look at the history of this award, only one other person has won it more then once. That is Terrell Owens, who only won it twice. Take Owens, and double that. Then you get Kevin Hart. I mean, who gets ejected in a celebrity all-star game? Only Kevin Hart would. Kevin Hart is no doubt in the hall of fame for celebrity basketball players, as he is just above everyone else when on the court.

Jarrius Robertson:

If your not a fan of football or the NBA, you probably have never heard of Jarrius Robertson. Click this Link for a Video. Trust me, you don’t want to skip over it. A 15-year-old kid that has been fighting a liver disease for his whole life scored a basket in this game. This kid was what put the all into all-star weekend 2017. He is by far in this hall of fame, because of what he did last year. To add to this, he won the Jimmy V award, only given out heroes. Jarrius Robertson pairs up with Kevin Hart, as they take the 1st 2 spots of my celebrity game Hall of Famers.

Who Can You Vote For:

  • Terrell Owens
  • Justin Bieber
  • Nelly
  • Arne Duncan

Followers Vote:

Head over to on Twitter. That is where you will be seeing a poll, in which you can vote other celebrity all-stars. The top 2 voted will join Kevin Hart and Jarrius Robertson! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I hope you enjoy the connection with followers! Have an amazing rest of your day!





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