The NBA Burning Questions Finale!

Yes, you read the title correctly. This is going to be the last episode of my NBA, 82 burning questions. If you have noticed my lack of posts, I have been studying for midterms and therefore have not had enough time to put into the posts. As I like quality posts over quantity, I did not want to publish a post below par. Anyways, after about 4 months of the burning questions, we are finishing up. Let’s get right into it!


78. Are the Nuggets the toughest team to predict? – No

The Pelicans are the toughest team to predict in the NBA. With the frontcourt that they have, they can go anywhere from not making the playoffs to being a top 4 seed in the West. As we know, Cousins was badly injured. If anything, you would place bets on that happening to Davis as we know Davis is more injury prone then Cousins. You also have other players on the team. Can Jrue Holiday becoming the 3rd piece to a big 3? Can the bench players impress on the team? Can the personalities on the team work together?

Individual players on the Nuggets are tough to predict. We want to see how a player like Murray progresses. Since the beginning of the season, I knew the Nuggets would claim the 7-9 seed in the western conference. The only really tough thing to predict was if they would make the playoffs or not. Still, now it is tough to predict that. But an even bigger question, can the Pelicans make the playoffs? That is why they are the toughest team to predict.


79. Did the Celtics win the offseason? – No

Even if Hayward didn’t get injured, the Celtics still wouldn’t have won in this category. The offseason was won by the Warriors because of how they resigned their two top players. If they hadn’t of done this, the Warriors would not be close to where they are now. Durant is making a new contract worth 25 million a year. 25 million for an MVP candidate is pretty incredible considering Blake Griffin got paid 29.7 million in free agency. The Warriors won because it guarantees them contention for the Finals. It guarantees them the top chances at winning the Finals.


80. Most anticipated regular season game? – The one game that is going to be the playoffs before the playoffs

That may not make a lot of sense. However, I’m talking about the last game of the season. Where there is one team that is the 9th seed, and they have to win their game otherwise they won’t make the playoffs. That’s going to be the best game this season. A few teams that that might be in this position are the Pelicans, Nuggets, Clippers, Pistons, and the Jazz. It will be exciting to see who is put into the position where if you win you make the playoffs and if you lose your season is over.


81. Biggest name to be traded this season? – Eric Bledsoe

Bledsoe was traded to the Bucks, and that was by far the biggest move. Right now he his averaging 15.7 PPG, which is pretty decent numbers for someone playing with the greak freak. There is no much debate as no other big star was traded. Therefore, Bledsoe is the biggest player to be traded.


82. Best tip for surviving the marathon NBA season? – Watch key games

I suggest trying to watch the key games in the NBA season. Don’t spend a day watching 4 games. Spread the games out. Here is a break down for every type of fan. This is mainly for the 2018-19 season as this won’t help you halfway through the 17-18 season.

Not a fan but wants to learn a little about the game – 3 Key Games(Example: Warriors vs. Cavs, Finals)
Debut Fan – 15-20 Key Games
Only watches their own team play – 42 Games
Casual Fan – 42 Games
Loves the NBA – 82 Games
Die-Hard Fan – 100 Games!

If you ask where I am, probably the loves the NBA category. I recommend casual fan as you can watch 1 key game every other day. If you think it is crazy to watch 42 games, I suggest watching 20. It is all up to how long you can survive. If you run out of gas, you won’t watch any games. Don’t run out of gas before the Finals.




That will do it for the 82 Burning Questions. if you have any basketball questions you would like me to write about, email me at Thanks for reading this post and the whole series. Expect to see reviews and trade rumors for the coming months. Thank you for giving me so much support and feedback through this series. Have an amazing rest of your day!


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