My NBA All-Star Mock Draft! – Starters

The all-star game is rapidly approaching, and therefore I will be predicting who I think captains Lebron and Curry will be choosing. Let’s get right into it!

Lebron #1 Pick: Giannis
Lebron could go with Durant, however I’m not sure if they have that good chemistry on the court. 10 years back the Bucks had the biggest rivalry with the Cavs, but now the Cavaliers have the Warriors. I don’t think Lebron will pick anyone from the Warriors, and so therefore Giannis is my #1 pick.

Curry #1 Pick: Durant
Curry got the second most picks only behind Lebron, and so therefore he gets the 2nd pick. As I said, I think Curry will choose all of the Warriors roster. Durant is the second pick as they are teammates who get along. This year that duo added with 2 other all-stars have the highest chance of winning a championchip.

Lebron #2 Pick: Cousins
You may be thinking, why Cousins so early? Well this all-star game is all about marketing, making a name for your team. Lebron wants help in Cleveland, he wants to win a ring. As we know, Cousins contract is about to expire. Lebron is known for getting players to come to his team, and I’m sure he will try and persuade Cousins to play on the Cavs. I think Lebron picks Cousins as early as possible, before Curry can snatch him up if you risk it in later picks.

Curry #2 Pick: Embiid
Again, kind of saying, “Wanna play for my team.” The Warriors won’t have a lot of cap space, however if Curry decides to leave the franchise or one of their key star leaves, they need someone else. When Embiid becomes a free agent down the road, he is someone the Warriors could use. So like Lebron picking Cousins, this is from a marketing stand point.

Lebron #3 Pick: Irving
This is based on what the fans want. We want Irving to team up with Lebron in the starting lineups, as both of these players are having one of the best years in their career. In terms of Irving, he is having his best year of his career. The Celtics are now 35-14 with the addition of Kyrie. Lebron should pick Irving, as long as Curry doesn’t pick him in as an earlier selection

Curry #3 Pick: Harden
It’s a surprise, I didn’t think Harden would drop this far with the season he is having. However you have to think about it, would Harden ever join the Cavs/Warriors. To me the answer of that is no. Curry picks him at the 6th pick because he has the best offense in the league this season, at a 31.2 PPG so far. Harden is a good, solid steal at #6.

Lebron #4 Pick: Davis
With only 2 players left, I think Lebron goes with Davis over DeRozan. Davis had 52 points in the all-star game last year, and because of that I’m picking him at #7.

Curry #4 Pick: DeRozan
At #8, DeRozan is a good selection. He is the only selection left. I thought Oladipo would be put in the starting lineup. DeRozan has shot 34.7% from 3 with 24.7 PPG and 4.1 rebounds per game. Oladipo has shot 40.1% from 3 with 24.1 PPG and 5.2 rebounds per game. If you include steals, Oladipo gets 2 per game while DeRozan only gets 1.2. Either way, the only selection left is DeRozan and it is a pretty solid selection.


That’s going to do it for this post. The one thing to look at in the draft is who will Lebron try to convince to join the team. Cousins is my #1 player to look at joining James’ team, and it would be wierd and a chance Lebron lost if Cousins gets picked by Curry. Thank you for reading this post and have an amazing day!

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