NBA Finals Prediction and The Best NBA Back Court! NBA Burning Questions Part 20

Haven’t posted for a while but we’re back finishing up our 82 questions. Let’s get into it.


  1. NBA Finals Prediction? – Rockets vs Cavaliers


I think this year the Warriors won’t go to the title. I feel they have gotten complacent with making it to the finals and they could get a surprise from a good 3-point shooting team in the Rockets. Let’s look at that. 

The Rockets have a possible MVP, James Harden. And the way they play is changing basketball. They put guys like Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon around Harden and Paul, and that made them a step above the other competition. 

But the one crazy thing with the Rockets is their depth. The Rockets don’t play that many players. We can look at the most recent game, where they won 121 – 112 against the Blazers. The Trailblazers played 10 players, while the Rockets only played 8. Trevor Ariza played 39 minutes, while Chris Paul played 33. The Rockets only play the best, because they know the best get the job done.

The Rockets are changing basketball, and if they are coached right they could come out surprising the Warriors. I think that will happen and so I think they will face the Cavs in the Finals.


75. Biggest Wish this Season? – Different Finals

The NBA season is too predictable. Warriors vs Cavs is the Finals every year. I think this is the year that the Warriors don’t make it to the Finals. As I said, I think the Rockets will take their place. On the other side, I think the Celtics have a good chance of beating the Cavs in the conference finals.

However to sum that paragraph up, my wish is that the Cavs and Warriors don’t find each other in the playoffs.


76. Do the Rockets have best backcourt? – No

The Trail Blazers have the best back court in the NBA. That is the reason they are 5th in the West. In the 2016-17 season, Lillard and McCollum combined for exactly 50 PPG. We can compare that with the Warriors where Curry and Thompson combined for 47.6 PPG. Finally you have John Wall and Bradley Beal who combined for only 46.2 PPG. If you look at those stats, you can clearly see the Trailblazers back court is key to success. The problem this season with the Rockets is that CP3 and Harden don’t play a lot together. Already in the season, both Chris Paul and James Harden have gotten injured. Right now James Harden is injured. I think the Rockets are a Final caliber team however I think the starting back court still has to prove they are truly the best.


77. Will Bulls be the worst team in the league? – Yes

The Bulls are just a really bad team. The only hope they have is a rookie. Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Butler have moved on from Chicago. Yet they still are paying Wade 20 million this year. Robin Lopez is a good, underrated center and I think he would be a valuable bench player to a Finals team. But notice how I say bench player. There is no one on the Bulls that could start for a good team. Even the Hawks have Dennis Schroder, the Magic have Aaron Gordon, and the Nets have D’Angelo Russell. Kris Dunn was labeled as a bust and couldn’t beat out Rubio when playing for the T-Wolves. Denzel Valentine is averaging only 9.8 PPG. And to make things worse they have the least efficient player in the NBA, Paul Zipser with a 3.87 player efficiency rating. Zipser also has the least value added to his team, at -57.9. Finally if you have him in your team, your going to lose almost 2 more games. To think he is playing 17.2 minutes per game.

So yes, the Bulls are the worst team in the NBA.




We are almost complete with 82 questions! There is only 1 more post in the series. Thank you for reading and have an amazing day.






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