Dwight Howard Needs ____ To Succeed

51. Will Dwight Howard save his reputation? – No

Personally, I love watching Dwight Howard play and he is truly an unbelievable player. The problem is, Dwight Howard is not playing as well as when he was in Orlando, not even close. I have recognized the problem for a long time now, and his new team the Hornets don solve it. The problem you may ask? – He doesn’t have shooters playing around him.

Here are some of the shooters while playing for the Magic, including the percentages.

Hedo Turkoglu – .404%
Jameer Nelson – .401%
J.J. Redick – .397%
Ryan Anderson – .393%

Thos are the top 4 shooters on the Magic team. Now if you put them in their respected positions, Nelson at PG, Redick at SG, Turkoglu at SF, Anderson at PF and Howard at Center, that is the perfect team for Superman. One on one in the post-Howard can beat any defender. If in case of a double team, you have a shooter open. This creates so much space on the floor and it is why the Magic played outstanding. I don’t think the Hornets can provide a situation like the Magic did.

I wanted to create a single post for this because it is so important. This is one of the main things if I became a GM to accomplish. If you put shooters around Howard, you can dominate, and I mean dominate.

Thanks for reading this post, and have an amazing day!

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