Warriors-Cavaliers Rivalry and the Most Intriguing Player – NBA Season Preview Part 13

Today we continue our season preview, and by the end of the post we will be over half way through! I hope you enjoy!


40. Will Lillard get snubbed for a 3rd Straight All-Star game? – Yes

I don’t see Lillard making it in the West. Maybe if it was the east, however the West is just too large. You have fan favorites at guard in the West such as Curry, Harden, Westbrook, Klay Thompson, Chris Paul, and Jimmy Butler. Jimmy Butler a starter for the East is joining the West this season. The All-Star rules have changed, however it still is 12 voted in from each conference. Mike Conley also has a small chance of the all-star game nod. I do think Lillard will be snubbed once again, just because of the talent in the West.


41. Is Warriors-Cavs the NBA’s best rivalry? – Yes

Of all-time, the best rivalry has got to be the Lakers-Celtics. The Lakers aren’t good right now so therefore they aren’t the number one rivalry in the present day. Bucks-Cavs is up there because both teams are good however if you would ask Cavaliers fans who they would want to beat more then any other team, 9/10 times they would say the Warriors. The Warriors didn’t ever have a main rival 10 years ago like the Cavs had the Bucks. This means with the amount of times they have been facing off against each other, of course they are the #1 rivalry.


42. Does the Melo trade make OKC a title contender? – No

The Melo trade was fantastic for the Thunder, they now have the ability to play 3 stars on the court at one time. But in today game, you need that 4th star to beat the Warriors. Westbrook is better then Curry in my mind, however Durant is better then George and Anthony is not as good as Draymond Green. By that I mean Green will shut down Carmelo all game. Then Green can pass it to Klay Thompson who will hit a shot. The Warriors have 4 stars that provide both offense and defense. The Thunder have 3 stars that provide offense, but they need a star who is DPOY quality. Guys like Rudy Gobert and Hassan Whiteside would turn them into a title contender, but just 3 stars is not going to cut it.


43. Most Intriguing player this season? – Lonzo Ball

I think everyone wants to see how Ball will play. One of the best times in the NBA is getting to see rookies play for the 1st time. Guys like Ball are looking to make an impact to their respected teams. I didn’t think about putting another player on this list. A year ago it was Kevin Durant joining the Warriors. This off season, there was a top 3 player in the league signing with another team. Maybe you could go with watching how Kyrie Irving would perform, however I got to pick Lonzo Ball because of all the hype around him.


44. Teammates least likely to get along? Lavar/Lonzo Ball and Lakers teammates

Back to back for Lonzo Ball, this is my pick for least likely to get along. Click the link below:

Lavar Ball Yelling at Kids

This shows Lavar yelling at kids for not playing well enough. I could see this as a concern for a team that should struggle in the Lakers. Lonzo Ball will play ok with his teammates, however, Lavar Ball will still be angry and blaming it on the team. This could cause bad chemistry in the locker room with Zo and his teammates. I think the Lakers could see tension towards the middle of the season, because of Lavar Ball.


Thank you for reading and have an amazing rest of your day!



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