Best Comeback Story and Best Nike Jersey – NBA Season Preview Part 12


We continue the season preview with question 34. Let’s get right into it. Enjoy!


34. Who will have the best comeback story? – Chandler Parsons

34 games in 2016-17, 61 games in 2015-16. Only one season where he played over 75 games. This season, Chandler Parsons is coming back from his terrible injury problems in the past years. In the 2013-14 season, he averaged 16.6 PPG, 5.5 RPG, and 4 APG. Parsons went from that season to 6.2 PPG, 2.5 RPG, and 1.6 APG in the 2016-17 season. Parsons has been working on everything, from driving to the basket to shooting free throws. This season, he has already been booed by his own Grizzlies fans when shooting the free throws. I believe that Parsons will use this to become better, proving his haters wrong. He will have the best comeback season this year, and a possible dark horse for most improved player.


35. Social Media MVP – Chandler Parsons

Back to back for Parsons, he is also my social media MVP. Here is my favorite tweet from Parsons:

That is just one of Parsons tweets which by far makes him the Twitter MVP for this year.


36. Best Nike ‘Statement’ Jersey? – Thunder

                                                               OKC Thunder Twitter

This Thunder jersey is great. I love the color combination and everything that goes into it. You take the blue and combine it with the Orange Nike logo and the number + OKC on it. As they stated in the comment, “Big & Bold…Get Ready.” When I saw this jersey it was surprising how good it is. It is a nice step up from last years Thunder jersey. Not saying that one was bad, it is just this one is so much better. That is why this is the best ‘statement’ jersey.


37. Must-watch League pass team? – Timberwolves

Compared to how good the Timberwolves are, they don’t have as much games broadcasted as they deserve. On November 15th they play the Spurs, that game is not on a major companies channel. Same thing could be said against the Bucks 3 days after Christmas, on January 5th when they play the Celtics. January 8th they play the Cavs, 20th of January they face the Raptors, and that is just some of the games that should be either on ESPN or any other main channel.


38. What ‘pun-tastic’ N.Y. post headline will we see? – We’re Linning Basketball Games!

I decided to choose the Nets for this headline. We’re linning basketball games was supposed to be the idea that the Nets would make the playoffs. You can never predict injuries, and this headline was chosen by me before I made the Season Preview. I feel it is pretty cool, instead of Winning you put Linning because Jeremy Lin would be the centerpiece. The Nets played great when Lin was healthy. If I could pick something now for the Nets, it might be: A National Anthem singer Kneelpatricks during when she sang. To be honest, I created it on the spot because of the fact I pre-made this post and recently the singer for the Nets knelt for the anthem. Kneelpatrick is Kilpatrick, which is where the pun comes in to play. A more realistic headline would be using Porzingod, which not only is Porzingis’ nickname but also a pun. We’ll see what happens though, maybe they will actually Lin basketball games.


39. Are the Jazz a playoff team? – No

The Jazz are too defensive. Rudy Gobert is not a defensive player, and Joe Ingles and Rodney Hood are just not enough offensive production. Like Gobert, Favors provides more defense and at PG, Rubio is more of a playmaker. Maybe rookie Mitchell can provide production, but I just can’t tell how their season will go. Right now, there just isn’t enough evidence to lead to me saying that the Jazz can make the Playoffs. Therefore, I will say they don’t make the Playoffs.



Thank you for reading and have an amazing rest of your day!

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