Will the Lakers Make the Playoffs? – NBA Burning Questions Part 8


We continue the Burning Questions with Part 8. Let’s get into it!


21. Is Kevin Durant the League’s Biggest Villan? – Yes

Of course he is, we can talk about the Westbrook situation and also Twitter. The Offseason before our past one, Durant decided to sign with the Warriors so he could win a ring. Without even telling Westbrook, he joined a team who had just gone 73-9. To add to this, Westbrook has played with Durant from the start of his career. You could even say Westbrook looked up to Durant. And all of a sudden Durant joined the Warriors. Now we can talk about the fake twitter accounts. Durant claimed he made these twitter accounts because of the pressure on him. He would try and ease up the pressure on him, as well as cause contreversy in the community because of the accounts.

With this question, you might say Kevin Durant has eased up on being a villan since winning a ring. At least he joined the Warriors and won a ring. The thing with the NBA is that with this point there isn’t many players that are hated. In my mind, Kevin Durant is the most hated player in the league. I don’t have a second most hated player in the league because as I said before, there aren’t many hated players. Kevin Durant is #1 though.


22. Will the new NBA schedule eliminate ‘resting players’ controversy – No

Popovich is still Popovich. He will be resting players not caring about fines, and maybe even claim they have a day-to-day injury. The NBA has not eliminated back to backs, so on the second day of the back to back players could be rested. If a team makes the playoffs, they want to save their players for it. The Postseason is the most important part of basketball. That is why teams consider the 73-9 season a fail, they didn’t win the championchip. I think the Spurs, Warriors, Cavaliers, and other top teams will rest their players.


24. Is Giannis the next star to get his own signiture shoe? – Yes

Every sneaker company is after the Greak Freak. A way to make him join your company is to give him a signiture shoe if he signs. I believe Giannis will be getting a shoe, 1st on the agenda when he signs with a company. There are other players who will be getting signiture shoes, but Giannis is a possible MVP candidate and is the 1st priority.


25. Who is the most overrated player? – Lonzo Ball

I have to go with him, in my mind Lonzo Ball is a bust. I released a tweet regarding the draft:

To be honest, this probaly is incorrect. T.J. Leaf isn’t the best player I have seen in the NBA, and so far looks like he will be playing in Europe. My point of this quote was to emphasis the fact Lonzo has problems in his game. He can’t shoot, and even though his vision is supposed to be great, the preaseasons assists have shown passes to players in isolation or tough shots. I released 2 blog posts on Milos Teodosic vs Lonzo Ball, and there I showed a play where his vision still needs improvement. If that is supposed to be his best area, it is a problem.


*Skipping over question 26, defensive player of the year award, needs its own post.


27. Who looks wierdest in their new uniform? – Brook Lopez

This is the 1st time 29 year old Brook Lopez is playing on a team other then the Nets. After going through terrible years on the team, he gets a new start on the Lakers with most overrated player Lonzo Ball. Not that much of a step up, however Lopez has just looked wierd in his new uniform. It is almost as if I expect to see a Nets jersey on him, and seeing a Lakers jersey is deffintly different. I think this will be better for him as Los Angelos will always bring out a huge crowd, however Brook Lopez as I have said, looks very wierd in his new uniform.


28. Which team is under the most pressure? – Timberwolves

The Timberwolves need to play well, otherwise it is another fail of a year. Last year they were supposed to make the Playoffs, and they failed to do so. If they don’t get above the 6th seed, it is a fail. With Butler, Wiggins, and Towns as your big 3, your expected to perform. If they don’t do this, Coach Thibodeau will be fired and like last year, it is a failed season. The Timberwoles are under the most pressure.



Thanks for reading today’s blog post. Just letting you know, please do sumbit basketball questions to my email fourfootnuttin@gmail.com as I can answer any that people have. If you know what a mailbag is, I want to do something similar to that. Have an amazing day!












Timberwolves Featured Image – NBA.com




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