82 Burning Questions Answers Part 1

82 Games, 82 Questions. The Starters are an NBA show and every year at the beginning of the year they have multiple season previews where they give answers on 82 questions. I will be going through these Questions, with detail on each of the answers. Some of the questions are questions I need to write a whole blog about, an example of this is MVP. For who will be MVP it is a question that needs a long explanation. Some of these questions are all about basketball, some are more fun questions to answer. This will be similar to a mailbag. Let’s get right into it!


1. Warriors’ biggest Western Conference challenger?

The Spurs are the #1 contender against the Warriors this year. With the addition of Rudy Gay, the Spurs have an outstanding defense and it will give rest to Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, and Lamarcus Aldridge. Kawhi Leonard is looking to come back after his injury in the playoffs against Golden State. And remember when Kawhi Leonard was healthy in Game 1, the Spurs were dominating. When Kawhi Leonard got injured, the series was over and Kevin Durant went off. This shows how much Leonard can do. I believe the Spurs can contend against the Warriors this year.


2. Meme of the Summer?

Here is an interesting question, and for this one I have to go with Hoodie Melo. He explains wearing his hoodie as a way to focus in on his game. Because of this he wears a hoodie, and apparently is great while wearing these hoodies. Every day people spot him wearing some kind of hoodie, whether it is on a basketball court or jogging around a park. Here is an example of Hoodie Melo.

Screenshot 2017-10-07 at 11.23.14 AM.png

Instagram – cbrickley603

That is an example of Melo with a white hoodie. Click here to see a Sports Illustrated post on Melo wearing different Hoodies.


3. Cavs still East best team?

Yes, the Cavaliers are the best team in the East. Their defense got worse this off season, trading away Irving for a player under 6’0 in Isaiah Thomas. However, they have an even stronger bench singing former teammate with Lebron and former all-star in Dwayne Wade, while also signing former MVP in Derrick Rose. The 2 had a combined 36.3 PPG per game last season. That is pretty insane knowing they are coming off the bench. We also know that Tristan Thompson is coming off the bench as Kevin Love is starting at Center. This means Jae Crowder will start, and will make sure players like Love, Thompson, and even Lebron James will be able to rest more. The starting lineup got weaker for the Cavaliers, how the team is a lot deeper in terms of who they feel comfortable playing. The Celtics are a pretty good team, however they lost Avery Bradley and still don’t have a starting power forward that is Finals worthy. We can even go through the depth chart for each team.

Starting Lineups:

Kyrie Irving > Isaiah Thomas

Marcus Smart < Dwayne Wade

Gordon Hayward < Lebron James

Marcus Morris < Jae Crowder

Al Horford < Kevin Love

Bench Players:

Terry Rozier < Derrick Rose

Jaylen Brown > J.R. Smith

*Jayson Tatum ? Kyle Korver

Semi Ojeleye/Guerschon Yabusele/Abdel Nader/Daniel Theis < Channing Frye

Aron Baynes < Tristian Thompson


*A Top Prospect However Rookie, Don’t know yet how well he will play

In my starting lineup evaluation, there are 4 Cavaliers that win their matchups. Only 1 Celtic wins their matchup. On the bench, only 1 Celtic wins their matchup with one still a question for the upcoming season. 3 Cavaliers players win their matchup, including the backup power forward spot a question for the Celtics. I don’t even know who will play their as none are even playoff quality. You could argue none are NBA quality. Semi Ojeleye will probaly play their as he was a draft pick, however it was from the second round. That confused me more then anything with the Celtics lineup. So going back to the question, yes the Cavaliers are the best East team.


Thank you for reading today’s post, and I can’t wait to continue this series of blogs! Please do consider following if you have not already! Have an amazing rest of your day!




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