Tom Thibodeau Overworks His Players

The question with NBA coach Tom Thibodeau is, does he overwork players? What do I think? I think he does indeed work his players to hard. Now let me show you what exactly I mean, using 3 washed up NBA players


Luol Deng:

Luol Deng is a former NBA all star. He was also on an all defensive team. What was the problem with Thibodeau coaching Deng? Deng played 38.7 minutes in the NBA, which actually led the league. Yes, he played more minutes then Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and other NBA stars. Now with this in mind, let’s bring in Lebron James. Lebron is 32 years old, still an all star and by far the best basketball player in the world. You compare that to Luol Deng. Well Deng is also 32 years old but is considered a washed up player. Now you think by that, Lebron James is an incredible tar. You can’t compare that with to Deng. However to counter that, Deng is a 2x all star. There is no reason he should be benched on the Lakers. Put it this way, Lebron was 8th on the list in minutes played. He played only 37.9 minutes each game. This example in Luol Deng isn’t the only player to end up as a washed veteran after being coached by Thibodeau. We still have 2 more examples.


Joakim Noah:

Today we know Joakim Noah as a massive contract on the drama of the Knicks. 3-4 years ago we knew Joakim Noah as a star, a player that helps massively on the defensive end and a player that could help any team. Because of Tom Thibodeau, Noah went from 12.6 points in 2013-14 to 7.2 points in the 2014-15 season to just 4.3 points in the 2015-16 season. Also, he has only been in the league for 10 years meaning he should have more years left in the tank. Considering Noah is a 2x all star, a 3x all defensive player, and in 2014 he was on an all NBA team, he should still be a great veteran player. He should be a leader of men on the Knicks franchise. Instead, he is only known as a washed up player.


Derrick Rose:

Perhaps this is the most known one of all. From the youngest MVP in NBA history to possibly being the first MVP not to make the hall of fame, Rose is now considered a washed up NBA player who can’t massively help a team. Look at this off season, Rose went to the Cavaliers and some people don’t consider this a fantastic move. He should be making a super max contract, in his prime at 28 years old. Instead, he is about to make close to only 2 mil a year. That is the veteran minimum. Who can you blame this on? Maybe Rose’s injuries, but why is Rose getting injured so much? It is because he is overworked by his coach, Tom Thibodeau. Derrick Rose was once considered the best player in the world, now he far away from that award. I feel bad for Rose because on another team I believe he wouldn’t of gotten that injury.


Those are 3 players who got ruined by Tom Thibodeau working the players so hard. Hopefully he did not do the same with Zach Lavine, and I hope other players like Towns and Wiggins don’t get pushed to hard by Thibodeau. But anyways, thank you for reading this post, make sure to follow the blog and to subscribe to my youtube channel, four foot nuttin. Have an amazing day!


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