Javale McGee Will Have an All-Star Season for the Warriors

There is a great bench player playing for the Warriors that goes by the name of Javale McGee. You may know him as the guy who gets mocked by Shaq on TNT, however when you look at the stats, you can clearly see why next year he has the potential of a star. Let me tell you why I think next year he will have a breakout season for the Warriors.


I am going to be breaking it down into 3 parts. First a really important statistic, then the amount of minutes and finally why he will excel on a team as good as the Warriors. So let’s get right into my first point.


The really important statistic Javale McGee excels at is player efficiency rating. He has an outstanding 25.26 player efficiency rating. This means he does more for the Warriors then you think. If we went just on this statistic for all star games, he would get in the game at 13th in the NBA. Yes, that does mean he has a higher rating then Jimmy Butler, Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, and Kyrie Irving. I could keep going with many other stars in the NBA, but for now we move on to the next part of this post, even more statistics.


Let us look into some more stats. McGee only played 9.6 minutes a game, playing 77 games and only starting 10 games. In 9.6 minutes, he averaged 6.1 points and 3.2 rebounds. He also blocks 0.9 shots each game. Pretty good for under 10 minutes. Look even deeper into the stats, looking at his per 36 minute stats. In 36 minutes, he averages 23 points, 11.9 rebounds, and an outstanding 3.3 blocks. Now I will show you 2 players that are stars, and how they compare to McGee in per 36 minute stats. We first look at Rudy Gobert. If Gobert played 36 minutes, he would average 14.9 points, 13.6 rebounds, and 2.8 blocks. Not only does McGee average more points, he blocks more shots then a finalist for the defensive player of the year. Now we look at another star, Draymond Green, McGee’s teammate. In 36 minutes he only averages 11.3 points, 8.7 rebounds and 1.5 blocks. These stats show that if Steve Kerr plays McGee in 20 or more minutes, the Warriors can become even better. For now, let us move on to my 3rd point.


Javale McGee is playing on an outstanding team in the Golden State Warriors. This means that players around him will make him better. When you have 4 all stars you expect the 5th player to produce. I mean you have Curry, Thompson, Durant and Green playing along side with you. That means you have 2 excellent 3 point shooters, 2 top 10 players in the NBA, and in the front court you have the defensive player of the year. Tell me the 5th player will not produce on that team. All you have to do is rebound the ball and pass it out to a 3 point shooter. So yea, I think McGee will have a breakout season next year. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Thanks, and have a great day.


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