Chris Paul Traded to the Rockets!

Breaking News: Chris Paul goes to the Rockets for a massive amount of players including Lou Williams and Patrick Beverley and a first round pick. 


This deal is horrible for the Clippers, I hate to say it. People are saying the Jimmy Butler trade was bad but this…this was horrible. I would rather have quality then quantity. The Rockets got Chris Paul for Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker and Montrezl Harrell, a first round pick that is top 3 protected and extra cash.


Chris Paul last season averaged 18.1 points and 9.2 assists. Patrick Beverly will probably be backing up Rivers, averaging 9.5 points and 4.2 assists. Sam Dekker has got 6.5 points in his locker which is not good enough for even a backup Small Forward. The one player I think is great to acquire is Lou Williams, who gets 17.5 PPG. This is still not worth Chris Paul. Chris Paul is 100% better then these 4 players combined. With this back court that is so good the 1st round pick probably won’t turn out to be anything.


The Rockets were the 3rd seed in this years NBA playoffs. Therefore, Chris Paul can make them the 2nd seed giving them an edge over the Spurs. The reason of this is because Chris Paul and James Harden is a better back court instead of Tony Parker and Danny Green/Manu Ginobli. If Kawhi Leonard gets injured or find a way to keep him quiet then the Rockets will for sure be the second seed.


The question for the Rockets is where is Eric Gordon going to play? I believe that the Rockets should play with three guards and play two forwards/centers. I think that Chris Paul, Eric Gordon and James Harden is a deadly back court. Then you can have Trevor Ariza and Clint Capela at your Forward/Center spots. I do think the Rockets should try and target Blake Griffin to replace Ariza at the Forward spot. Overall, this team could be great depending how the rest of their off season goes.


Many people wonder that Chris Paul and James Harden won’t work well together. However, Chris Paul realizes he is becoming an older player and I think he will look to be a pass first point guard targeting 3 point shooter Eric Gordon and runner up of the MVP award James Harden. I believe that Chris Paul realizes that the Rockets are James Harden’s team.


What is in this for the Clippers? Well I think the only player they should be happy they got is Lou Williams. I think Lou Williams is the second best sixth man, only behind Eric Gordon who also played for the Rockets in the 2016-17 Season. I do believe that Lou Williams is good and Patrick Beverly is decent, however I think that Chris Paul has a lot more worth. Overall this is quantity for them and not quality.





The Image that is in this blog was created by NBA Jersey Swaps. He gave me permission to use the jersey swaps.

2 thoughts on “Chris Paul Traded to the Rockets!

  1. Nice post man. The thing about this trade is that if the Clippers didn’t accept it, Chris Paul was going to decline his option and walk in free agency, and L.A. would be left with nothing. I think its a win for all sides because Chris Paul can get a bigger contract extension next year (compared to if he got signed in free agency instead of via trade), the Rockets get a superstar, and the Clippers steal all those guys. win-win-win in my opinion.


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