Grades for Every Team in the NBA Draft

76ers: A

The 76ers process is coming to a close. With the number 1 pick in Markelle Fultz, they have their franchise point guard. He is joining my favorite for rookie of the year in Dario Saric, Ben Simmons, and Joel Embiid. This is such a young core and Fultz is put in one of the best situations he can be placed in. If this team stays healthy, in 2-3 years the 76ers can be a superteam.


Bucks: C+

The Bucks didn’t do anything terrible this draft, but they didn’t do anything great. It was very average. I don’t see Sterling Brown accomplishing anything in the NBA. D.J. Wilson is a great selection for the Bucks. The one position they needed was the power forward position. I feel that this move could be great for the Bucks, however it has to pay off. I say that if D.J. Wilson is a good NBA player then it would be a B+. If it doesn’t then the draft is a D+. So therefore I met right in the middle, giving them a C+.


Bulls: A-

Why is everyone giving the Bulls hate for this draft? It was a great job by the Bulls front office to pull the trigger on the trade. This trade puts the Bulls into rebuild mode. They have a back court in Kris Dunn and Zach Lavine and a front court of Lauri, who is going to be a rookie. Kris Dunn has been a bust so far in his NBA career. A fresh start at Chicago could provide him a starting PG role. Zach Lavine is a great, young player who is one of the most athletic players in the NBA. You also have the #7 pick, Lauri from Arizona who could be pretty good in the future for the Bulls. With Rondo and Lopez gone this offseason, you have a young core. Therefore the only player you have that is old is Dwayne Wade. So if you tank next season, you get a high draft pick where you pick a SF or a C. After that you can go for a playoff push. This is a great draft for the Bulls and I don’t know why people think it was a bad trade.


Cavaliers: B-

The Cavaliers traded their pick for Kyle Korver. Korver has not been the best player for the Cavaliers, but is better then selecting a bust for a late first round pick. The Cavs don’t always have the best luck in the draft cough cough **Anthony Bennett** cough cough. Getting Korver was an pretty good move for the Cavaliers.


Celtics: C-

They didn’t get Jimmy Butler…Now they can’t trade for him as he is at the Timberwolves. The SMU SF Semi is a great selection. He could be a great steal for the Celtics. But just in general, on a competing team would you want Semi and Tatum or Butler? I would take Butler by far over the rookies. The Cavaliers are safe as they don’t have to worry about Boston causing a problem.


Clippers: C+

Were the Clippers making trades just so they could participate in the NBA Draft? Were they trading just so fans would think that they are being active? I don’t think so. I think that Sindarius Thornwell can be a great fit for the Clippers as they need a SG/SF. I think these are the moves that are putting the Clippers into rebuild mode. I feel that at least one or two of the following won’t resign this offseason: Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, J.J. Redick. Therfore they need to go in rebuild mode as they are not getting out of the first round. Sindarius Thornwell could be a great pickup but could also be a no one.


Grizzlies: C

Ivan Rabb could be a steal or he could be no one. The Grizzlies had a very average draft and I wouldn’t be happy or upset if you are in fact a Grizzlies fan.


Hawks: B

John Collins, Tyler Dorsey, Alpha Kaba. 3 Players who could be great in the NBA. You already have Dennis Schroder, who could have a breakout season. With trading Dwight Howard it opens up space for Collins and Kaba to play. If you saw my possible draft steals, you saw I had Alpha Kaba on the list. I do think it will be harder producing for the Hawks then the Spurs however I still think with the Hawks coaching staff he can be a steal. Tyler Dorsey had a great NCAAM Tourney and could be a great SG for the Hawks. As much as I love Tim Hardaway Jr, he is just not a starter in a contending team. You have Tyler Dorsey who could be an absolute steal.


Heat: A-

What a pick! What a Front Court! Bam Adebayo is such an exciting talent, playing along side Hassan Whiteside. No one is coming in the paint and getting a shot off. You also have Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters who had a great season. This team could be scary in the playoffs as I think Bam Adebayo can give instant impact.


Hornets: B+

Great Selection for the Hornets in Malik Monk. If the coaching staff can work on Monk’s consistency, he can become a great player. Malik Monk will be learning from the greatest of all time in Michael Jordan. I think Malik Monk can be the next Devin Booker if he can improve his consistency.


Jazz: A

One of these picks that the Jazz chose have to be good. They have got 6 players which is just insane. They can work out who they send to the D-League and who they used base on Summer League production. The Jazz had a great draft and I can’t wait to see who puts up numbers from the team.


Kings: A+

I can’t believe I am saying that Vlade Divac did a good job as GM of the Kings. They ended up getting my favorite player of this draft in De’Aaron Fox, and two solid players in Justin Jackson and Harry Giles. All of these players can help the Kings and I love what they are doing. They are the underrated 76ers. You think what the starting lineup they have now is and it is crazy good. At the 1 you have Fox who I believe is the next John Wall. I believe they got a steal to play backup point guard for them in Frank Mason, the wooden award winner. At shooting guard you have Buddy Hield who I think will have a great season next year. At small forward you have Tyreke Evans, who the Kings known they are losing Rudy Gay this offseason. At the backup you have Justin Jackson, who is a great selection for the Kings. At power forward you can use Skal Labissiere with a backup of Harry Giles. Finally you have Cauley-Stein at the Center position who finishes off a young talented team. I believe that the Kings can go places and they have their own kind of process. The Demarcus Cousins trade is really starting to pan out for them. Is Vlade Divac considered smart now? Who knows.


Knicks: B-

Yea, yea, yea, Frank Ntilikana could be an all star. But I still think that Malik Monk was the better choice. Malik Monk fits the triangle so well! I am so confused why the Knicks wouldn’t take Monk. He is the best shooter of the draft and a perfect piece to fit with Porzingis. Monk knows how to play in a large stadium, coming out of Rupp Arena. How was Ntilikana picked over him? I am giving them a B- because Ntilikana was a good pick, however they could of picked a better player.


Lakers: B

Fine, select Lonzo Ball. But come on, you are trading a proven point guard in Russell. You are trading your future. If Paul George and/or Lebron James doens’t come to the Lakers in 2018 then this is a D draft. Lonzo Ball is not proven and I think is a bust. They have a nice frontc ourt with Julius Randle and Brook Lopez. However Brook Lopez is gone next season and Randle is not playoff tier yet. Lonzo Ball may not become great and if the Lakes crumble next season, Paul George won’t come and Lebron James definitely won’t come. This could go both ways for the Lakers


Magic: C

I will be honest, I think Jonathon Isaac is a bust.  However, I still don’t know. So the Magic get the most average rating they could, a C. I think the Magic could of traded down to the Kings at 10 and took Malik Monk. Elfrid Payton is not a point guard the Magic can rely on and they need someone that can play combo guard like Malik Monk. I know I keep saying Malik Monk but this man is coming out of Kentucky. The only Kentucky bust in recent memory I remember is MKG. And that is out of 17 players that came out of Kentucky. We are talking in good lottery picks John Wall, Bogie Cousins, Anthony Davis, KAT, and I would add Devin Booker onto that list. After two years, add Malik Monk. Magic, you played yourself.


Mavericks: D

This was a trash draft. I like Yogi. I think Yogi is a franchise guard. I like Curry. I think Curry is a franchise guard. Why Dennis Smith? They got a great PG, SG, and SF. You can even say Nerlens Noel at PF/C is good. Dirk is getting on the older side. So, you need to get another PF/C. Why not go out and get Zach Collins. He would be a great fit and would learn from one of the greatest power forwards to play the game. I really feel this was a bad draft for the Mavs.


Nets: A

The Nets had a great draft and deserve an A for it. They got a franchise point guard in Russell. In their big hole they need to find a way to get out of the mess. Without draft picks, they can trade to find the youth they need. Getting Russell is the way of getting the youth they need. I also feel that drafting Jarrett Allen is perfect. Him and Russell will create a dynamic duo in New York. This was one of the best drafts and no one is really speaking about how good this really was.


Nuggets: D-

I would give this an F, but at least they drafted someone and enquired some kind of defensive player in Trey Lyles. But to give up the 13th pick, Donovan Mitchel for Trey Lyles and the 24th pick, Tyler Lydon is really just a bad trade. At least go down to the 16th, 17th pick. Not the 24th pick and only getting one player. He only makes 2.2 shots out of the 6.2 shots he takes. Overall, really, really bad draft for the Nuggets and this is just another bad draft.


Pacers: B+

It is disappointing that the did not trade Paul George this draft however they did draft some players that have potential. 1st is T.J. Leaf. I think that T.J. Leaf is better then Lonzo Ball. This can be proven against Kentucky. T.J. Leaf balled out in the tournament. Lonzo Ball against Kentucky in the tournament couldn’t shoot. Then you have Ike Anigbogu. This kid was supposed to go in the first round but dropped to the 47th pick. If he stays healthy, he is going to be a great partner with Myles Turner. Plus you have Edmond Sumner. Again with injuries, if he recovers from his ACL injury then he will be an extraordinary player. Overall, if they traded Paul George then the draft for the Pacers would have been an A+.


Pelicans: B-

For the Pelicans, this is a great draft. Frank Jackson is a great replacement for Tim Frazier. He is a great backup for the starting PG, but the Pelicans need to resign Jrue Holiday. Then you have Dwayne Bacon. If he improves his jumper then he is a steal. Playing with Davis and Cousins improves Jackson’s and Bacon’s chances of being great. Overall this could be a great draft for the Pelicans.


Pistons: C+

The pistons needed a SG as KCP does not do the job. I think Reggie Jackson may have a breakout season and he needs a back court partner. I don’t think Luke Kennard will be good in the NBA but if he is, he is going to be great for the Pistons. I would of selected Donovan Mitchell over Luke Kennard. I do think the draft could pay off for the Pistons though.


Raptors: B-

SF has been a concern for the Raptors. They have a great back court considering Lowry resigns, and I think that OG Wan Kenobi could be a great fit for the Raptors. He is a SF that they need and is a very good fit for the Raptors. If they resign Ibaka then they can have an insane starting 5. All they really need after that is a player such as Marc Gasol.


Rockets: C

Again as with other teams, very average draft. I do think with 2 chances before he went, they should of selected Ike Anigbogu. I feel like he could fit in with the rockets culture. But they thought that Isiah Hartenstein and Dillon Brooks would be better. I do agree that Hartenstein was a steal considering how late they picked him. Overall, this was in the middle, not good, not bad.


Spurs: A-

We know that Derrick White and Jaron Blossomgame are going to become great players. I didn’t think they would before the draft but after the draft, for sure. Why is that? It is because they are playing for the Spurs, who are known for taking late picks and making them superstars. We can see this with Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli. The Spurs have a great culture where if you are not playing well there, then you are really just a bad player.


Suns: B

Josh Jackson is a great player for the Suns. They have a great back court and losing P.J. Tucker meant that they needed a Small Forward. The Suns still have to see how Alan Williams does and Tyson Chandler has a still years left in his tank. I feel that if they draft a big man next year then this young core can really become something. Or what they could do is start Tyler Ulis and trade Eric Bledsoe for someone in the front court.


Timberwolves: C+

I didn’t like the trade at all. The 76ers had a process for a long time. Why couldn’t the Timberwovles do that? They needed to wait one year so they could get a star PG. Then you keep Lauri and you have a great starting 5. I think if they don’t get a star in Free Agency, this trade is wasted talent. Until they get one more star, they can not compete with the Cavaliers and the Warriors. Hate to say it but I don’t like this trade.


Thunder: B-

They don’t have to deal with the horrible shooting of Andre Roberson any more. Now they have a great shooter with great form in Terrence Ferguson. This is a great player to combine with Russell Westbrook. They can play with 3 guards and 2 forwards next season. I would love to see Westbrook, Ferguson and Oladipo playing at the same time with Adams and Kanter. They still need to get one star. Maybe we see a KD return? Probably not…


Trailblazers: D

Why did they do the trade with the Kings. They lost the chance to get 2 possible stars in the NBA. Instead they got Zach Collins out of Gonzaga. This man can not replace the star they once had in Lamarcus Aldridge. I mean, Harry Giles was ranked #1 out of the ESPN Top 100 Prospects. If it wasn’t for injuries, he would go top 5 in the draft. Harry Giles could be a steal in the draft, and so as Justin Jackson. Justin Jackson helped lead his team to a March Madness Tourney Win! This is a very stupid draft for the Trailblazers and is not setting them up for a good future. They are losing Damian Lillard’s and C.J. McCollum’s years!


Wizards: C-

The Wizards did not make a pick this year. However, they made a brilliant trade with the Pelicans where they acquired Tim Frazier for their second round pick. That was the back up point guard they needed. This is a great move to make as it can prepare them for a better playoffs next year.


Warriors: B

The Warriors could of got their next great player. Jordan Bell was the one player the Warriors wanted and they went out and got him. Jordan Bell can become a Draymond Green type player as he has so much potential on the defensive side of the game. The Warriors could of seriously made their team even better. They now can play Green at Center and Bell at Power Forward. That is if Bell pans out. Lebron James should be wondering why the Cavaliers aren’t going out and doing this. All in all, the Warriors had a great draft considering they are league champs and don’t have the best of picks.






Those are my Grades for the lottery, Thank you for tuning in!






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